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Waterproof Softshell Pants Scary Clowns

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Personalize the product Waterproof Softshell Pants Scary Clowns with your child's name or any other text that you want printed. Sounds interesting?

Are you looking for personalized baby clothes? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to iELM, the online shop where you will find custom kids & baby clothes that will help you create a unique wardrobe for your little one!

If you're wondering how the personalized kids and baby clothes service works, then this page was specially thought out and created for you.

The personalization principle is very simple!

You can customize a wide range of clothing products from iELM, with a few exceptions marked accordingly, with the child's name or any other text you want printed. All you have to do is fill in the desired text in the field available on the product page. The delivered product will always be the one with the text you requested and not the product presented as a model on the product page.

The colors of the printed text and zipper are selected by our team so that they match perfectly with the color scheme of the products.

The custom baby clothes service based on printed text has been highly appreciated by our customers. Because our focus has always been directed towards you, we also offer the possibility of personalizing each clothing product with various symbols for children. Whether we are talking about inserting symbols like a heart or a star, your child can enjoy the uniqueness of our models. Each product page includes special characters you can choose for personalizing the product.

The personalized kids and baby clothes service would not be possible if printing would not be done on qualitative, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified materials. The color scheme of each product is specially selected so that the custom text or symbol always stands out.

The charm of childhood is an important part of our specially designed products for bold, beautiful children with personality.

SoftShell Pants

Material: 100% Micro-Polyester
Waterproofness: High – 10.000 Liter
Comfortable wear, Fleece like inside
Fit: Normal
Care instructions: Wash inside out at max. 40°C – do not use fabric softener, no tumble dry

Design Detail: You can print your child's name on the front side of the pants.